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General Notifications

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Competition Notifications

Start Time

The programme has been changed from previous years and we are able to move the start time for both days to 10:00 am. Doors will open at 9:00 am. New Vogue events will be danced for the first hour with the first standard event commencing just before 11:00 am.

First Ten Events

Hi Dancers

The first 10 events for Saturday are listed below. The programme will be on sale on the day.

Please note that you need to pay a deposit of $5 for your number which will be refunded on its return. 

For each first round your number will need to be scanned in the marshalling area otherwise you will not appear on the Adjudicators tablet, therefore please do not be late for your event.

Event 1 - New Vogue Masters 1 Level 2 (Round 1)
Event 2 - New Vogue Masters 1 Level 4 (Round 1)
Event 3 - New Vogue Adult Level 1 (Round 1)
Event 4 - New Vogue Adult Level 3
Event 5 - New Vogue Masters 2 Level 1
Event 6 - New Vogue Masters 2 Level 3
Event 7 - New Vogue Youth Level 4
Event 8 - New Vogue Masters 1 Level 2 (Semi Final)
Event 9 - New Vogue Masters 1 Level 4 (Semi Final)
Event 10 - New Vogue Adult Level 1 (Semi Final)

Keep an eye out for further posts!

NZ Dance & Dancesport Council Notifications

Online Registration with NZD&DC

Registration with the NZ Dance and Dancesport Council can now be done online at: